Is it true or not? Oysters increase sexual desire?

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Is it true or not? Oysters increase sexual desire?

I believe that many people must have heard of this story already. Even teasing people. Who like to eat a lot of oysters, saying, “I wonder if I want to do it tonight,” even buying oysters for a new couple who just got married.

But what about oysters? Can it actually increase sexual desire? Let’s find out the answer with Happy & Healthy program at ufabet

Oysters and beliefs about sex?

This is because are shape like female genitalia. Therefore, there may an assumption that May cause the belief. That eating shellfish is linked to sex.

but currently there is no medical report that proves that eating can stimulate sexual desire

Therefore, eating So it doesn’t help stimulate sexual mood in any way.

Oysters are useful

However have many other benefits because contain an important amino acid called Taurine that helps strengthen the function of the adrenal glands. to secrete testosterone more efficiently

In addition are high in zinc. Men need zinc to help increase their sperm count. and make the sperm move faster making it possible to increase the chances of having children even more Reduces the risk of developing prostate-related diseases and also help maintain and prevent sterility as well

from such information Therefore, it can said that enhance sexual performance. But it doesn’t increase sexual desire.

The benefits of oysters for women Zinc is abundant. Helps regulate progesterone levels and serves to prepare the mucous membranes for stimulation and help develop the maturity of egg cells which increases the chances of having children as well

For those who like to eat May have to control the amount of eating in moderation Because oysters are also high in cholesterol. If you eat too much may accumulate in the body until there is a risk of fat clots in the arteries There is also a risk of food poisoning as are at risk of encountering pathogens that cause food poisoning. which may be severe to the point of death as well