“Late night” food menu that you can’t get fat no matter how much you eat.

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Late night” food menu that you can’t get fat no matter how much you eat.

Who are you? When it was late at night, my stomach was always hungry, and when we couldn’t resist the hunger Accidentally ate a late night meal In the end, I had to sit and regret. Because the weight that has risen in such a way that it cannot be broken But don’t worry, because today, Hello, the doctor will recommend a late-night menu that is low in calories and low in fat. I don’t have to sit and be suspicious that I will gain weight. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Late night food that is not fat that you should choose to eat

  • yoghurt

A must-have item in the refrigerator for late-night eaters is inevitable: Yogurt. Yogurt is an important source of calcium. that help strengthen bones and teeth And is an important part in the production of melatonin (melatonin), which helps to sleep as well Yogurt also helps in the digestive system. Help prevent constipation. And most importantly, it is a food that makes you feel full. But low in fat and few calories, but you should choose to eat natural yogurt. or low-fat yogurt that do not mix the fruit so as not to add extra calories to that meal

  • popcorn

Although popcorn may seem like a high-calorie snack, there are actually very few calories in popcorn. Three cups of popcorn has less than 100 grams of calories and over 4 grams of fiber, keeping us full without weighing you down. however You should opt for popcorn without butter, sugar, caramel, or salt, but you may want to consider baking it in a convection oven or microwave. and mixed with spices or dried herbs to add flavor without adding calories instead

egg menu

Egg dishes, whether boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs or omelets, are all late-night menus that can be easily done. It takes time quickly, fills the stomach, is nutritious. And it’s low in calories because one egg only uses about 72 calories. Instead, they provide up to 6 grams of protein that will make you feel full. If possible, choose to eat soft-boiled eggs or poached eggs that do not require cooking oil. But if you want to fry eggs try to use less oil Or make a poached egg instead.

  • fruit

If you’re craving something sweet in the middle of the night instead of grabbing a snack. Try switching to eating fresh fruit instead. Many fruits contain melatonin, which helps you sleep. It has a sweet taste from the natural sugars contained in the fruit. Helps to quench the craving for sweets And has a lot of dietary fiber. helps to fill the stomach and preventing blood sugar levels from rising In addition, many fruits They also contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help fight inflammation and slow down aging. Examples of fruits to choose from are bananas that are easy to eat and satisfying, or kiwis that are high in magnesium, melatonin and calcium. Help in matters of sleep.

  • Fresh vegetables with dipping sauce

If you feel like chewing something crispy Try eating fresh vegetables, cut into sticks, whether it’s carrots, cucumbers, celery, or salad greens. Eat with various dipping sauces such as chili paste, salad dressing, sauce or various dips. Fresh vegetables, in addition to being high in dietary fiber. nutritious Eat and feel fresh, not heavy on the stomach, still low in calories. and help in the matter of excretion It definitely helps in terms of weight control.

Late Night Foods to Avoid If You Don’t Want to Gain Weight

  • crisps

Potato chips are a combination of fat and salt. Two villains that make us gain weight Therefore, it is not necessary to say that If we eat potato chips late at night How will it affect our body weight? In addition, potatoes are also a type of carbohydrates. to convert into sugar And eventually become a weight gain calories.

  • chocolate

If you choose to eat it as dark chocolate, there may be no problem. But the chocolate that can be bought at most convenience stores. It’s usually milk chocolate with quite a lot of sugar added. which may increase the level of blood sugar and body weight

  • ice cream

Ice cream contains milk, eggs, and large amounts of sugar. Most ice creams usually have 207 calories per 100 grams of ice cream, especially if it’s ice cream with added flavors such as strawberry. or chocolate It will increase the amount of calories even more.