Federico Bernardeschi confirmed that he stay with the Juventus.

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Federico Bernardeschi the Juventus forward confirmed that. He was ready to stay with the team. It also revealed that the agents are negotiating a new contract.

The 27-year-old forward’s future has been heavily discussed as the player’s contract expires at the end of the season. Causing media reports that. There is a tendency for the Italian winger to part ways with the Zebra team.

Still Bernardeschi Confirmed that. He was ready to stay with the Bianconeri. And now a personal agent is going to discuss with the club’s board of directors UFABET.

“We talk openly. And my agent will discuss Juventus.” Federico Bernardeschi told DAZN.

“I want to stay at Juventus, then it’s clear you have to agree on an agreement from both sides. it’s like marriage

“There is a custom in the dressing room that Whoever signs a new contract has to be the dinner party for the whole team. I will be happy to pay for the food if that day comes.”

However, problems in extending the contract are inevitable about wages, because Calcio Mercato revealed that Juve are ready to offer a contract if Bernardeschi agree to reduce wages from 4 million euros to 2.5-3 million euros per year