Inzaghi regrets Inter leading twice but fails to win

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Inzaghi regrets Inter leading twice but fails to win. Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi regrets taking the lead twice. But they were unable to secure a victory over Sampdoria in their 2-2 draw in Serie A.

Federico DiMarco took a stunning free-kick to lead 1-0 and Lautaro Martinez led 2-1 at half-time. But Luigi Ferraris ended the game.

The result was 2-2 because Sampdoria had equalized both times. “It’s a pity. Because it’s a game that we should win and can overcome.

 We take the lead twice And then misses from Ivan Perisic, Hakan Chalanolu and easy chances many more times” “We conceded two goals, one deflecting Edin Dzeko and the other a world-class goal from Tomasso Agello, but we still deserve to win.” “We face a good team. that handles the game very well But the sad thing is that Sensi is injured and we have to finish the game with 10 players,” Inzaghi said.