Lucas Torreira has criticized Arsenal for snagging him at the FIFA World Cup

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Lucas Torreira has criticized his former club’s work for snagging him at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Qualifying round last month But with the queue to compete in October, the 25-year-old midfielder is very ready.

Since Mikel Arteta became head coach. The Gunners cut Torreira out of their plans, even sending him on loan with Atletico Madrid last season, but the overall examination failed. Sam San is back this season. Until finally, let ‘Viola’ be rented for a long time. 

And even after only 66 minutes of racing under the uniform of ‘Purple Mahakan’, Uruguay national team coach Oscar Tabarez called up the flag for the October kick-off, at which point Lucas thanked Fiorentina for giving. Opportunity to enter the field and bite the ‘cannon’, the youngster intercepts the youngster.

“I want to play as much as I can and help Fiorentina this season,” the Teledose network said.

“We have to keep moving forward like this. I am now full of determination to train, grow and make myself available for the head coach to choose from.”  

“Because at Arsenal, there is very little on the field regularly. And it affected Uruguay’s call-up to the national team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers last month.”

“However, after a calm review, perhaps it would have been better like this. Because there is more time to train with Fiorentina, the body is fit enough in the boss’s plans. 

Torreira is the latest Unai Emery alumnus to blame the former club alongside Matteo Guendouzi.