Rio Ferdinand drops the swans to win 4 championships because of “JK” hanging around his neck.

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Rio Ferdinand BT Sport analyst said Liverpool have the potential to make history four trophies in a single season. Thanks to their strength courage and most important credit to Nava leader Jergen Klopp.

‘ The Reds ‘ qualified for the semi- finals of the Champions League with a sticky saliva. When defeating Inter Milan with a total result of 2-1 yesterday. Despite losing 0-1 at Anfield, the closing game of the job. That made the route to win four the championship can still go on.  

According to UK football history, only Manchester United in 1999 managed to make a treble in major titles, but looking at the ‘ Reds ‘ shape this hour, Ferdinand admitted that he would nag a new record.  

“ Ask me , who is a former UFABET Manchester United player , if you imagine Liverpool winning four trophies in one season ?  

“ They now have the quality of that matter. The strength is full of winners. ” Rio Ferdinand.

“ The club is full of passionate people who want to continue their pursuit of success. ”

“ The state of mind , the thought system are all ready. And there is also the best manager . The backing team . ” 

” The story of four titles in one season is not above your shoulder – let’s wait and see at the end of the season. “

Update the pay price ‘ Reds ‘ hit the four champions this season by bet 365 at 40/1 ( bet 1 pay 40 , not including capital ), is the English Premier League champion with the Champions League 12/1 and is the English Premier League champion and English FA Cup 10/1.