Van Basten criticized Atletico Madrid watching Netflix have more fun.

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Marco van Basten has criticized Atletico Madrid’s way of playing football. Cause viewers to feel bored that they may switch to entertainment on Netflix.

Netherlands legend Marco van Basten has criticized Atletico Madrid’s way of playing. Leaving fans so bored that some would switch to Netflix at the time. It was revealed to the channel ‘Sicco Sport’ on Monday. 

Van Basten was one of the spectators for Manchester City’s clash with Atletico Madrid in last week’s Champions League quarter-final first leg. This is a confrontation between two teams with completely different ideologies. Before UFABET the sailing team slash to win with Kevin De Bruyne’s winning goal. The Atletico team didn’t have a shot at score a single shot.

That has led to a lot of discussion about the boring way of playing for the Atletico team under Diego Simeone. Which Van Basten also join in the criticism.

‘What Atletico Madrid did is legit. It is allow but it surprises me that 10 players behind the ball for 90 minutes only tried to avoid conceding goals.’

‘Football organizations like FIFA should start figuring out ways to make football more fun. With this style of football It’s not fun.’

‘It would have made more sense if someone switched channels. And went to watch Netflix at the time.’ said the former FIFA technical director.