Yaya Toure thought of working as a full-time coach in Hotspur.

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Former Manchester City and Barcelona midfielder Yaya Toure has focused on his coach career. When he was recently approach by Tottenham Hotspur to join the U18s team. The decision must be made by the end of May.

Reports from ‘ Standard Sport ‘ that. Yaya Toure was originally trained in UEFA ‘s A – License course. Have allow to train at the Tottenham Hotspur academy since December 2021 as Dean ‘s subordinate Rastic. The manager of the Academy team together with right-hand man. UFABET Chris Powell is not directly related to the first team.  

Until the internship was nearing completion Ready to get a work permit for professional clubs in Europe. Make ‘ Kai Golden Spikes ‘ try to invite the 38 -year -old former footballer. If he is interest in become a partner to help tutoring children in full-time or not ? 

What the club sees in Yaya is the dedication at work. The seasoned experience as a player and out-of-the-box ideas. It should be beneficial to the youth ‘ Kai Golden Spikes ‘ , raising the level of performance to be better than 9th from the 14 teams of the Southern Youth League.  

Since retiring in 2020 , Yaya has worked for QPR. The Football Association of England ( FA ) and has coach Olympiad Donetsk in Ukraine and Akhmat Grozny of Russia.