Koeman saids Laporta has revealed too much to the media

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Koeman saids Laporta has revealed too much to the media. Dutch coach Ronald Koeman has criticized Barcelona chairman Joan Laporta for revealed too much to the media. Although some things should be kept clean.

Barcelona’s Dutch coach Ronald Koeman thinks Joan Laporta has revealed too much to the media.

He insisted that the club are grateful to him for the Azul Grana’s future. According to ufabet and Windmill City newspaper ‘NOS’ on Sunday.

Koeman saids Laporta has revealed too much to the media

Laporta has been rumored to be looking for a new trainer over the past summer. But couldn’t find the right person and the club still had financial problems. Before news that the Azul Grana team had returned, they were preparing to negotiate a contract extension with the Dutch trainer.

‘Last week there was something on the media. Which I think is unlikely,’ Koeman said.

‘That once again shows that the trainers are not fully energized. he talks too much It’s best to keep it internally. I appreciate the time the president is committed and asking questions. But that shouldn’t be in the media. That’s the problem.’

Koeman also referred to the situation in the past summer. ‘I don’t look back lovingly. I think you should always be clear. When you’re in the club Leave trivial and unclear future trainers. Then you will be guessing. And if you are the one who is a trainer That’s not fun.’

Before talking about the new agreement that ‘One minute is nothing. Next it will be anything. I know it depends on the results too. I’m open to staying, I’m just having fun, thanks to me, this club has a future.’

‘Sports side, this club will always get better. The question is, can you go back to the level where you really win the Champions League? And became the best team in Spain for many years in a row. That’s not the case. Hope it will come again It may take two years. Before you can compete financially with clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea,’ Koeman said.